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April 15th 2019

Day 18 / 365 || Week 4

Saying goodbye Lucidity is always a bummer to me. When I see the tents going down and costumes going back into the caravans, doors closing and wheels back into the dust, it gets me teary eyed. Cheers to making new friends and building upon the relationships we already have. I am already dreaming of next year.

April 16th 2019

Day 19 / 365 || Week 4

The day after disc golf decompression with some of the crew. As I look at this picture I feel so grateful to have them. The thing I value most in this life is the love I have for my friends. Sometimes I even think I may even talk to much about how great my friends are, almost as its a bragging right. Like I won the trophy of friends just by being born. It’s like when people say they are grateful to be alive, that is the equivalent of how I feel to have them in my life. No matter where I am in the world it is nice to think that I can go to them for a visit and they will always accept my company.

April 17th 2019

Day 20 / 365 || Week 4

SE Asia round 3 in 2019- To go or not to go?

I felt uneasy about making this decision, because once it was made I wasn’t going to look back at it. After weeks and weeks it came to me. I called the airline and cancelled my ticket. It was very weird to think that 3 months ago I was doing quite the opposite. I love Indonesia, don’t get me wrong. I will go back. I know I will. I feel it. Just not now. Just not when I am in a mind set of feeling like I need to focus more on work, what my path may be, what I can do next in life. If I went to Bali I feel like I would be stressing about these things, instead of relaxing. I have some things in the works, but I can’t be on a different time zone before figuring them out. So here I am, trying my best to make the right choices for myself. Sometimes when I still don’t know what I am supposed to do I take out my “Trust Your Vibes” cards, and pull 3 of them.

  1. Learn. (19.)

Right now you don’t posses all the soul skills you need to resolve your life challenges. It’s time to learn more in order to find answers and move to a higher vibration of personal peace. Thankfully, you’re being contracted be a very important range of personal guides, called spirit teachers, whose primary purpose is to inspire you to learn. They will also direct you to teachers and classrooms that will help you fulfill your soul’s ambitions. Listen for your spirit teachers today. As they work, relevant information will be place in front of you in the form of brochures, announcements, or invitations to new classrooms and teachers on the Earth plane. Your spirit teachers may also work through messengers who spontaneously make recommendations for learning, sometimes for no apparent reason. Your role is to be an open-minded student. Out entire Earthly experience is designed to be a classroom for the soul Ask yourself, “What am I called to learn next?” and “Am I willing to learn?” Then listen for your spirit teachers to help you answer these questions. They’ll guide you when you’re ready.

2. Be Generous (50.)

  1. Right now you’re guided to elevate your vibration be being generous. Give of yourself rather than remaining fearful and refusing to share with others. The secret to generosity is to share freely, with no strings attached, no secret agenda, and no unspoken expectations of “Now you own me.” Being generous means leaving yourself and focusing more fully on those around you. Give whatever you feel comfortable giving. The more authentically generous you are, the more you link with the eternally abundant web of life. The more you empty your cup to share with others, the more your cup fills, not just materially, but in every way. The more you give of your time, talents, enthusiasm, and love, the more exponentially you draw the same vibrations back to you. And the more generous you are, the more you will activate your psychic sense because generosity opens the heart where your psychic sense originates. Never mind what others can or will give to you. It’s your turn to share and do the giving.

    3. Sleep On It (5.)

    When your emotions get stirred up and work overtime, they block access to your higher awareness. At times like this, do not struggle for answers. Instead, step away from the problem, and literally put your worries to bed. Surrender your concerns to higher forces while you slumber, and invite your psychic support system (your angels and guides) to find solutions to your challenges and place them directly into your subconscious mind to be accessed the minute you wake up, or shortly thereafter. This process is practically six-sensory living. Your guides love to work on your behalf and will offer better solutions than you could ever dream of with out their assistance. So relax, grab a pillow, and give your emotions a well-deserved break. Sweet dreams!

April 18th 2019

Day 21 / 365 || Week 4

If you knew me, youd know that what I love more than life itself is dogs, especially my friends dogs. I feel that for my traveling lifestyle it would be so hard to have a dog of my own so I am grateful for the friends that let me play and pet sit theirs when I am back in whatever town it is they live in. This is Ellie and Rufus. 4 years ago after riding 10 miles around Oakland at the East Bay Bike Party I was so tired and ready to just be still and get my tired butt off the seat. My friend Shad and Emby told me that once we got back to their house there was cute corgis to love on, which they didn’t know at the time, but that was the fuel to my fire to keep me going on that last mile back to their home. I was so happy to have these two then, and I am so happy to have them now. Last night Ellie and Rufus took turns cuddling with me on the couch and I decompressed from my day drive up here. It was just so nice to be in the company of these two who just knew exactly what I needed.

April 19th 2019

Day 22 / 365 || Week 4

I fell in love with San Francisco from the minute my old 1985 grand Marquis drove into the city with me and four other passengers crammed in it. That was about five years ago in 2014. It was my first road trip with a random crew of people and I loved every minute of it. ( even the time we had to sleep at a rest stop with five pairs of stinky feet piling on each other) After 24 hours of driving, we all finally made it. My car Thelma had taken a few jumps into the air as I put the pedal to the metal over the beautiful San Francisco streets. We flew over the hills of the city like it was our concrete roller coaster. What a memory! It’s seared into my mind like a permanent etch a sketch; it will be with me forever. That was one of my most exciting phases of my life and I will always thank San Francisco and the crew for giving that to me, along with my dearest friend who wrote a book about the adventure, called “Coloring Outside the Lines”.

April 20th 2019

Day 23 / 365 || Week 4

Open Your Eyes - To Oakland

When I was younger I remember my father watching the news a lot. He would come home from work and put it on. I remember one of the top places that was known for avoiding was Oakland. Gangs, drugs, protests, and violence. I didn’t know that 20 years later I would be coming back and fourth pretty frequently to the area, going to underground parties at art warehouses, working multiple gigs and running around doing event work and also having such a big clientele for my photography here. Sure, it’s still a rough place in patches, gentrification is a big thing, and yes, there is violence that happens here, however Oakland is a place that is filled with pride for their community. It’s funny to think that as a kid I thought I would strictly avoid going to any places that were being blasted on the news as thuggish, but here I am. Totally fine exploring this place in the East Bay.

April 21st 2019

Day 24 / 365 || Week 4

I was gifted this special feather piece. I love it. That is all.

April 22nd 2019

Day 25 / 365 || Week 4

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography and Media - Alameda-8414.jpg

Beach days here make me realize how much I love being in the Bay area. I keep telling myself I want to settle down for a bit, to collect my thoughts and experiences and have a way to filter and process them. I want to have my own space to call home. I know I CAN do it. I just don’t know when that will be. I have some of the most amazing friends that live in the Bay Area that keep telling me that they wish I was here and that they wished I was around more and lived here. I wished that it was that easy. I wish a lot of things. Sometimes wishing isn’t going to get results. Reaching out and trying to making plans have been a downfall of mine recently. I need to get back on the horse and see what I can commit to.