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April 1st 2019

Day 4 / 365 || Week 2

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography and Media - -5777.jpg

April 1st and I didn’t get fooled, not even once! I was able to re-visit someone who was once so special in my life, we got to talk about what is next and what the future holds. We choose to do this at one of my most favorite restaurants to dine in at (Voulas offshore cafe!). Eating at the best breakfast in all of Seattle while catching up with some of my favorite cooks in the biz gives me a boost of feeling like a real Seattlite when I’m here.

On top of all this, this handy guy unexpectedly fixed a couple things on my van before dipping out. I was SO stoked about this. Considering I thought this fix was going to cost me money I don’t have - I didn’t think it was worth bringing up. However, before I left that parking lot Stan was in better shape then before when I pulled in.

Before leaving I felt it was time to go sit next to the water for a bit alone and enjoy the sun and think of all what I am grateful for here in my Seattle life. My friends and community makes me feel so full that it’s always hard to leave it behind when I do.

April 2nd 2019

Day 5 / 365 || Week 2

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography and Media - Seattle-5836.jpg

Leaving the comfort zone. — Finding my soul

Tonight I was struggling to leave my friends comfy apartment. I knew I didn’t have anything to take photos of yet, but it was still on the list. I had the place all to myself and I was enjoying my last day of real relaxation. I really just felt like being lazy and find something around the apartment to snap, maybe give it little effort for this night, for this photo, for this writing, BUT something in me told me to get out of the house and to just go for it. Get out of my comfort zone. There was going to be something I would see that would catch my attention, but I didn’t know what. After strolling under the night lights to the market, all the way down to the waterfront and back up, yes I had the photos, but not the story. (Other than the two homeless people doing it doggie style half way out of their tent). As I was walking back something else caught my eye in an alleyway - it was a photoshoot of some kind. I stopped and looked for about 30 seconds before I took the courage to walk down the alley and ask this group of five about what they were shooting. I usually don’t stop and ask about what is going on when I see that many cameras and that many people while they are doing their thing, but this time I felt like this project of my own had pushed me to do that.

I was greeted with smiles, gotta talk shop about photography, geek out on gear and shoot with these friends who drove up to Seattle from Olympia to do a night shooting adventure together. We walked around for a bit to do scout out some spots where we could all shoot together for a minute. Another alley, shit lightening, a wind tunnel and a soap spraying street cleaning truck kinda ruined plans for a smoke bomb effect we were hoping to light up, but that didn’t stop us from getting out of the comfort zone.

April 3rd 2019

Day 6 / 365 || Week 2


Love the wine you’re with

It’s my last night in Seattle for awhile. I’m allowing myself a glass of wine and my own company before I go spend a lot of time with copious amounts of people. Honestly... I don’t know how long it will be until I’m back here. It could be a month, it could be 2... it could be forever. I’m giving myself a date night alone. Last night to ponder on what has happened here in the last few weeks.

April 4th 2019

Day 7 / 365 || Week 2

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography and Media - Seattle-8056.jpg

Eugene Pass Through

I often come to this house in Eugene when I am passing through. This is usually going North to Seattle or like this time, South towards Portland. This family is the most colorful family I know, and I love them for it. I even tell people that when I pas Eugene I always make it a point to see my Eugene family. They always invite me with open arms into their house, which also feels like a family character on it's own, because filled with art made from everyone. I am so grateful for these familiar places that I have been welcomes in, over and over again.

April 5th 2019

Day 8 / 365 || Week 2

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

It’s nice coming down the coast again and seeing some of my old pals. This friend of mind is Eamonn. Over 6 years ago now and it only took me a few days to say him name right and years to come to spell it correctly. We have known each other before the days of my travelin’ ways. I love these times when I get to spend it with people you can call life long friends. Especially the times when I really try to get him to do photoshoots with me and at first he is not it, but always ends up of having a good time by the end. He is one of my most solid friends out there. We have stories to tell from Seattle, L.A., Oakland, Joshua Tree and to the last couple years in Arcata.

April 6th 2019

Day 9 / 365 || Week 2

It’s time to stop and smell the newly bloomed California flowers

I arrived in the familiar Bay Area and have made my ever more familiar pit stopped at my friend’s place in Alameda. Tomorrow I get a break from being on the road and have a day of rest here. I have driven nearly 900 miles in the last 3 days, but what really gets me is this - not once have I ever been in a real life threatening accident with Stan. For as long as I have been on the road I have never been injured or even a part of a vehicle collision or accident. I feel like it might partially because i’m a badass women driver who pays attention to all surroundings. I’m still very happy and grateful to have a day to myself tomorrow, so I can stop and smell the newly bloomed California flowers (not roses) and not do any time driving the 6 hours that are in front of me.

April 7th 2019

Day 10 / 365 || Week 2

Bob Dylan - “A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.”

I spent my Sunday afternoon driving 183 miles down the coast. It has been the first time in a couple years that I reunited with my old friend, highway 101. I debated on which vista points and scenic stops I should pull over at. Thanks to Death Cab for Cutie, everyone stops at the famous Bixby Canyon Bridge, which might as well be renamed to Instagram Point. I also didn’t have time for a hike anywhere due to me being on a time crunch. (You never want to be stuck driving on the twisty turns at night.) I pulled over on a spot where it wasn’t too crowded, but it had some space to get cars in and out off the view point. I noticed a guy who had an easel all set up, and paintings propped up for sale in his mobile art gallery. The painters name was Barry Howard, a local artist to Big Sir. This scenic view point which was looking over the ocean with its jagged rock cliffs, well this was his office. He sold his beautiful paintings of the sea out of his van that was similar to mine. We had van dwelling conversations, art inspirations and what it really means how to feel to live. He brought up one of his favorite quotes by Bob Dylan - “A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.” - I couldn’t agree more with Barry’s perspective and Bob Dylans words of wisdom.