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April 2015


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April 1st 2015

Austin, Texas  --- Botanical Gardens 

~7 things I will miss in ATX~

7. Exploring the abyss.

I had some of my best moments with this guy while I was in town. Mike and I had some great adventures in Austin, from exploring the city, to exploring our hearts. I hope we have days like this again in the near future, because it was one of my favorites. He IS one of my favorites. 



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April 2nd 2015

Tucson Arizona --- Amtrak Station

~Amtrak Adventures~

It’s official. I have left Austin on the Amtrak. It was a beautiful goodbye (for now). The train ride took me to San Antonio before stopping at a train yard till 2:30 am. Blog Post – “I got on the Amtrak almost 2 hours ago, and from that time I have been taking in the sunset. I believe it was all a gift, and it was given to me to ponder over on the beginning leg of my cross country Amtrak adventure. The skyline was beautiful with reds and pinks hitting the cloud and making there underbelly’s look like cotton candy, and sitting here brought it all back to day 1, when I first traveled alone. I took my first plane ride, into Austin last year.”



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April 3rd 2015

~LA Arrival~

I was able to spend some time in Manhattan Beach with a dear friend of mine. Time and my company allowed to me do so many things in the day. I did some lounging in the hammock, read in the sun, strummed on my guitar, and went to the beach, and watched 10 episodes of entourage, à an LA based show, which I find hilarious to watch while staying here. What I cherished most out of the day was spending my time with one of my favorite people I know. What a good day it was. 



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April 4th 2015


~West Coast Wandering~

To see the West Coast waters again, it was a day I had been waiting for, and I didn't even know it. 




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April 5th 2015

Union Station - LA

~Union Station Deportation~

I was in and out of LA in a 2 day span and I didn’t get enough. Time to hop on the train again and get to Santa Barbara. I am glad I got to see the Union station, because it was something you would see in the movies. It is L.A after all. 



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April 6th 2015

Lucidity Festival - Santa Barbara, CA

~ On Site Arrival~

As I got on site to the Live Oak Campground, I was a little lost. It was my first year at Lucidity, and I was one of few who were brought on to document the build of the festival. This was all that was set up when I arrived, in the days that followed, many, many many people who put a lot of hard work into making this festival magical for all. 



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April 7th 2015

Lucidity Festival - Santa Barbara, CA

~I'm A Creep~


On my first night at the build, I thought I would try out a little bit of light painting. It turned out successfully creepy. 




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April 8th 2015

Lucidity Festival   - Santa Barbara,   CA

Lucidity Festival - Santa Barbara, CA

~Lucid Building~

From the moment I have arrived on the Live Oak campgrounds, I have seen many people work together with their hands and minds to create a utopia for the gathers. This photo is of the lucid stage, and the team has been working nonstop from the moment they started. See next photo of completion. 



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April 9th 2015

Lucidity Festival - Santa Barbara, CA

~ 48 Hours Till Destruction~

When I first arrived, my tent was right next to this stage. I was unsure how big it would be, so I decided to do the smart thing, and move. It took 5 days to build this stage, and it will only last like this for 2. Does anyone get how much work this takes, just to be torn down in a 48 hours period? A lot of work. It took them more time to build, then it did to ne enjoyed. SO much love for the builders and creators. 



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April 10th 2015

Lucidity Festival - Santa Barbara, CA


~Moon Temple~


Time-lapse coming soon 




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April 11th 2015

Lucidity Festival - Santa Barbara, CA


~Family Garden Got Me Good~


At Lucidity, there are different camps to spend your time in. I am such a fan of including the children, and so is this festival. The camp “Family Garden” is where I camped out and set my tent up. I was able to see the how much the kids are involved and how happy they truly are when spending time in the woods. As the day became night in Santa Barbara, the cold made its way into all our bones. I was quite smitten when I saw this mini cuddle puddle! These two girls were always smiling when I saw them. They didn't let the cold bother them.




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April 12th 2015

Lucidity Festival - Santa Barbara, CA

~Pyro Bar Memories~

Chilin on top of the Pyro Bar right before and during sunset each night was thee best time. I was to enjoy it with company, cushions, connection, and cuddles, with anyone and everyone. 30 hippies on top of a truck that was spitting out fire, with a stage to the right of us, that was set up to look like a TV, the audience being the viewer. my favorite quote on top of that Pyro Bar was “It’s like watching TV in bed” And to be honest, that was the closest I had been from watching TV in a while, and it was human TV at that. Ahhh. The irony gets me every time.

All in all I love that I was able to experience Pyro Bar memories. 



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April 13th 2015

Lucidity Festival - Santa Barbara, CA

~1Love for Lucidity~

Time to leave the land of Lucidity. If you are reading this, I highly suggest you make the effort to join in on the fun next year. If all the stars align in my favor for the next Lucidity, I will be there! I hope everyone reading this will also be inspired to join in. 



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April 14th 2015

Amtrak Adventures - SB --- Seattle

~Change of Scenery~

I am back on the train after a week in the woods. Running miles a minute on the train gives my restless a piece of joy. I don’t know why I feel like when I am moving, I am really living. That scenery changes every hour and it feels like I am really seeing what the world has to offer.



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April 15th 2015

Amtrak Adventures - SB --- Seattle

~ Amtrak Maniacs~

Want to know more about the creepy guy who wouldn't stop staring at me, for hours. Yes, I said hours. Want to know how they finally kicked him off? Read my blog post about it! Video Included. 



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April 16th 2015

Lynnwood, Washington

~Unit 42~

I arrived back in Seattle, and only for enough time to eat, sleep and dump all footage on my computer before heading back south to Portland. I stayed overnight at my parents place and was able to say hi and bye before leaving the next day. 



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April 17th 2015

Lynnwood, Washington

~The Best Things Were Made in 1985~

I got my sidekick, Thelma, back with me. It’s time to head back on the road to get to PDX. I don't think I am ready to jet out of here so soon, but a weekend gig awaits me. Thelma has over 250,000 miles on her, and every time I get back to my parents I see her sitting in the driveway, ready to be rolled out, and it makes me happy. I bought her on a whim, for $200, and best part was nothing needed repair. She has taken me across the country, over 15,000 miles this past summer, so driving to Portland should be an easy haul for her.



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April 18th 2015

Portland, Oregon - NW Pet Expo

~Pet Expo~

I was in Portland for a job, and this time it was to hand out dog and cat food to pet owners at the NW Pet Expo. My heart hit the floor when I was greeted by 10 corgis. It was totally worth the drive. 




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April 19th 2015

Gresham, Oregon - ICandy

~Food Coma and a Candy Store~

It was a day of firsts. My first time being in Gresham Oregon, and eating Lebanese food. Before I even started the meal, I asked for more bread. After all there were only 3 of us... When we had finshed eating our meal, we had to check out the candy store across the street. We walked in and the smell hit me. I couldn't bare to look at anything else that was to be put in my mouth. I startled some kids with their family when I walked in. I blurted out “I can’t! No more… I just can’tttt”. Once out of the candy store and many jokes later about my “I just can't” dramatic exit, and my stomach about explode, Jan had to ask me an important question. “Are you sure you don't feel like a thick milkshake at all?” 



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April 20th 2015

~Craigslist Rideshare~

When I left Portland, I wanted company and also have the opportunity to split the gas back to Seattle. I looked on Craigslist the night before for a rideshare buddy.

After looking through some of the listings, I found a few weird posts. One guy posted with a title of  “Need to get out of Portland before it kills me” and then his post mentioned that he wouldn't ask to trade for any sexual favors, and ended with “just saying…..”, I went with someone who sounded normal.

After picking Nick up from a local Fred Myers, he said goodbye to his buddy who had dropped him off, and we were on our way. Nick is from San Diego, and had a plan to get up to Stanwood Washington. From one boarder to the other. On the way up, Nick’s car broke down in Arcadia, and from there he got rides from multiple friends of his. Up until this point, he and I were just two strangers in a car, both needing to get from one place to another.

Nick was almost to the place he needed to be, it was a place called Pilchuck Glass School. He had already gone over 1,000 miles and was on the stretch of making it just 250 more. He explained that it was more like a camp made for adults who want to learn how to blow glass, and it is famously owned by Dale Chihuly. You might have heard of him.

Nick was headed to Pilchuck to work for the summer, with or without his broken down car, but he was sure to make it with all the suitcases full of glass.

Originally I was supposed to drop Nick off in Seattle, but due to reasons unknown he was not able to get a ride from Seattle to Stanwood, which is another 2 hours North. Nick didn't have any other options, and I wasn't going to leave him to be at the curb with all his stuff.

I drove the extra few hours to get him where he needed to be. Once I got there, Nick was SO happy that he had finally made it. All that stress was finally behind him, and he was in his “piece of heaven”, which was referred by most people I talked to once we had arrived.

I was able to walk the grounds and explore the land that looked untouched. Only a few cabins and a few art installations scattered the land. I was happy to see such joy and relief in someone, and I am glad Nick was able to experience a good first Rideshare, and not a bizarre one. 

Full Gallery of Pilchuck Glass School



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April 21st 2015

~Pike Place Market~

I’m back home to re-energize. I needed to see my market family, my friends who make it out to see me, my city to walk and explore in, I needed the Seattle adventure at my hands. I also did a timelaspe of this angle in the market, and it’s turning out bad ass. You’ll hopefully see it someday soon. (Stay tuned)



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April 22nd 2015

~The world is really “that” small~

The famous saying “It’s a small world out there” really applies to my life, out of all days this one has to take the cake.

Today was a day of introductions. One of my favorite people on earth inspired me to do something with my life, from traveling to photography, and after being on a 6 month road trip with him, I feel like maybe I had heard all the stories he has told. There are a handful of people in his stories, and a few photos from Facebook to put a face to the name.

So when an Aussie walked up to me while I was working in the market, and pointed to the stickers on my compute and “This is a good sign… Chuck Manley….. You’re Chucks friend!”

I knew immediately who this was. I knew this was Denzyl, one of Chucks best friends. I have heard many stories about their time traveling together, in Honduras, Guatemala, and even in Seattle.

I never had met Denzyl before, and if it were ever going to happen, one would assume it would be through Chuck, because these two never stay put anywhere, and I guess neither do I anymore.

Life = Mind blown. 



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April 23rd 2015

Lynnwood, Washington

~3 Aussies and an American~

The day after meeting Denzyl, I was invited out to come along with him and 2 other friends. I had fun hanging out with all three Aussies, and to be honest, I know why all the Aussies hang out together, because they are ALWAYS fun. It’s kind of an unspoken rule they all have.

Despite me living in Everett most of my life, I felt it might be the only time I would ever want to go on a Boeing tour. The best part was the tour guide who all reminded us of a war reenactment theater guy with chops that pointed straight out of his face like whiskers. After the tour we all went out to eat some PHO, then played around in a guitar store, and lastly, it was the moment to experience something on a new level.

Walmart. They just had to go to Walmart. Despite all of us eating Pho an hour earlier, they just had to order some “Mackers” (McDonalds) before exploring this abyss of products and gluttony. “We have to experience it the American way”.

Frequent words I heard throughout the day–

 “Turning Chucks”

“The Shitter”







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April 24th 2015

TBT ~ Caving the Creativity~ TBT

This is a throwback from a few months ago when I was exploring the Old LA Zoo, alone and unafraid. This was a photo I had in mind while taking these shots. It has taken me months to finally put them together.

I saw a quote written on my friend’s wall in his art studio, and it reads “The only way to finish is to start”. Once I read this, I thought “No more excuses!” I had to learn how to layer these photos together to make it what it was supposed to be.

At the time when I was taking these series of photos, it reminded me of being locked in a cage, or being put in a box. When I told people that I thought traveling and roaming around the country would be something I’d love to do, I would hear from certain people “School is more important, make time for that and you will be happy” or “Traveling is something you do once you already have an established career, you will have time to travel when you are older.”

In these moments I looked around me, and I was doing what I wanted to do, regardless of the people who wanted to put me in a box. When wandering around the country for almost 6 months, taking photos and videos and collecting stories on the way, I thought how symbolic it all way to my life right then.

If I was placed in a space where I was told what to do and how to act, I would never be where I was, or where I am. Sometimes it's not other people who put us into a box, sometimes it can be our own selves that cage our curiosities in, with excuses not to explore what we desire to know about. 

Let’s stop putting people in a box because we think we know what is best for them. Instead, let us embrace and celebrate the individual creativity that lives in all of us, and especially the ones who are trying to figure it out. 



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April 25th 2015

Kennmoore, Washington

~Significant Moving Day~

It was a nice day to help yet another person in my life move. I know a few people right now who are in the process of moving in with their significant other, and I am glad I can be of help.  

God knows how many times I have moved in my life, and how many things I had to move every time I did.

This is a view of my aunt’s new view. Where she can sit on her balcony and soak in the beautiful sunsets with the company she enjoys most. 



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April 26th 2015

SeattleWashington - Downtown

~Swaying Seattle Tears~

Running around the city at night when it rains can be stupid, if you don’t have protection. I am talking more along the lines of camera gear protection. I will never be a fan of Seattle’s windy pellets of rain. The reasons why no local carries an umbrella is because it’s a bit pointless. The rain sways in different direction, and it feels as if you are getting slapped by the winds and its tears, and they are cold tears. I am not a fan of this weather.

There is good news. I missed my bus to take this photo and my camera gear survived the weather. 



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April 27th 2015

~ Gypsies and Nomads Feel like Home~

Yet again, I bumped into a fellow traveler that I tend to see in different places and space. My awesome friend Gabriel Wolfchild pops up at the right times in my life.

This time it was in the Pike Place Market, while I was inside the Local Color, chatting it up with some friends, I spotted Gabriel from the street. He was smiling and entertained by my friend who was busking at a statue out front. I ran up to Gabriel, and said “Really? Again? Is this happening again?” and I felt happy that we were embracing yet again.  

The world is small when it comes to the traveling community. You start to see your friends who are considered nomads or gypsies, in all areas of the world. For instance, I had picked up some hitchhikers in Canada and a few months later, saw them at a show. Another time I met someone briefly in San Diego, and saw her again in Austin after years passed.

When I run into someone I know from the road, it feels as if the space we are wandering in that instance, feels like home. 



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April 28th 2015

SeattleWashington  - Caffe Vita in Pioneer Square

~Happiness Happens~

“Happiness isn't constant. It’s in the moment” 

-Kenneth LH

I find that I am most happy when having conversations in a coffee shop. Right here, right now, this counts as my happiness.




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April 29th 2015

~Fond of Finley~

This is Finley, and she is my friend Natashia’s pooch. The night my car broke down, Natashia and her boyfriend came to my rescue. When they came to pick me up, they decided it was probably best that I go crash at their place for the night. The question they were circling was “Who was Finley going to sleep with tonight? Mama or Dada?”

Finley made up her mind, and she picked me for the cuddle party. She probably felt my pain (or body warmth) that night.



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April 29th 2015

~Arriving in Arizona~

My Amtrak train arrived in Tucson right as the sun was going down. It was a breathtaking scenery. The sunset had gone behind a structure of many mountains that were red and purple. Once the train had come to a stop, I just had to get off. I had no longer than 30 minutes before the train was to take off and I was to be back in my seat. I saw a cute cafe on the other side of the fence.

I walked in, saw that it was a reasonably priced meal from what the train had to offer. I order a blueberry muffin, and a sandwich then walked outside the front door to wander before the sunset went completely away. I made my way out the front and across the street from the place I just ordered from, called Maynards Market. I sat there in amusement from thinking that this was my first time and only place I will have been in Arizona. I took some photos, chatted with a few people who were working there, and went on my way back on the train with 2 minutes to spare.