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October 16th 2019

Day 201 / 365 || Week 31

Nights in the city of San Francisco.

This was a special get together. Not because the chicken is world famous, and the drinks were tasty, and it was a 100% treated fine dining experience, (although… that was a bonus!) but because there was an unexpected mini toast towards me that I didn’t see coming. It’s humbling to hear from your friends that you are being seen, that you are being heard, that you always bring a positive vibe to the atmosphere and that you do it diligently and authentically.

I feel loved.

October 15th 2019

Day 200 / 365 || Week 31

“Frame of Mind”

A friend of mine reached out to me about hanging a few of pieces up at his acoustic jam party. I went full force into picking out prints, altering them to the best of my ability for PRINT. There is something about having a photo tangible, hanging up and in the hands of others.

This is one I have been working on. It’s been printed and I’m awaiting for the prints. I am excited to actually see my photos outside of a screen for once.


October 14th 2019

Day 199 / 365 || Week 31

I haven’t posted a furry friend since August. Here are my two pals - Rufus and Ellie - the corgi duo. I finally have the chance to spend a long period of time with my dog friends.

I met these two, four years ago. It was on a wild night when I was experiencing so many new things that my anxiety was kicked up to another degree. I was definitely in need of some dog attention - which was the remedy I had needed.

We have understood each other ever since.

Also my anxiety has taken a backseat for the most part :P

October 13th 2019

Day 198 / 365 || Week 30

Since I have been creating a new style I began to think about what I was compelled to create next. I wanted to create a silhouette shot with a musical instrument. I thought a saxophone would be best because of all those small details of it that you could see from it’s side view - hence Peter was what came next to mind.

You never know which people you meet will be there the next time you come back to town. Peter is one of those people. I knew that he is a great musician, video editor and creative. I just haven’t kept in touch much since the last time I had been here. (Seen here - in the beginning of my project - Week 5!)

I saw opportunity to collaborate, and I had reached out to him about creating this certain shot that was forming in my head.

What I needed was some studio space and a backdrop, which I don’t have at the moment. I mentioned it to him, telling him my thoughts about the shot - but also what work arounds I would need to get to those things first.

He began to tell me that he held the key to both. He works at an ad agency in the city, which was available for use on the weekend for their studio space and that in studio they had backdrops - and lighting gear - all ready to go and set up!

We shot, we collaborated and conquered. It was a great shoot. One of my most favorites thus far. I am still not completely done with these photos below, but it’s a start to what I was visioning.

There is something about being around so many creatives here. They are fueled with the fire of collaboration which keeps the spark alive in me.

October 12th 2019

Day 197 / 365 || Week 30

I have a friend who brings people together. He brings his culture and upbringing from his original home in Israel and gifts it to those around him. From gathering people to his get togethers, from cooking large meals, to organizing jam sessions and giving great hugs and conversing in conscious conversations, he does it all. I admittedly showed up with one of the worst hangovers I had ever given myself, not ready for any of it. He took me to the tea room downstairs, lit up some incense for me, gave me a gong bowl and requested me to sit and relax, give myself sometime to chill out. That was also because he was still getting everything together, but it was the reminder of what it really means to be a good person who addresses your needs, while still needing to get theirs done as well.

It was just what I needed. I felt safe, loved, listened to, and appreciated for just being there. It’s really those little gestures that you realize how many good people I have in my life. Elad is one of the bests ones.

October 11th 2019

Day 196 / 365 || Week 30

There is so much grit and grime in certain spots of San Francisco, but there is also quite the opposite with a touch of glitz and glam. Both aspects make the city what it is. I love that I can walk from one block to another and it could hold a completely different feel from the last I was on moments ago. When I think of this city I always picture the Oakland Bay Bridge. I like the fact that it bridges the gap between the well off that lives in city to the notably less incomed to some those in the East Bay.

I have many memories attached to it. Years ago when I had barley explored this city, I had a new friend (who is now like a brother to me) who had taken me to see the bridge from this exact spot, from this exact same view (minus the fence back then). I also remember the time when me and my former partner were driving across the bridge during sunset, and I felt the feeling of falling in love in love again.

This bridge is magic.

Brieana Breeze Photography -  California-2.jpg

October 10th 2019

Day 195 / 365 || Week 30

When you into the Museum of Ice Cream, don’t expect there to be any facts or history about ice cream anywhere. Throughout the self guided - Instagram photo worthy tour there are loads of treats and some ice cream to be snacked on throughout the one way maze. We were the only adults in the sprinkle pool at the end, and we were loving every minute of it.

October 9th 2019

Day 194 / 365 || Week 30

My friend is a pedi cabber and this is his new whip. I helped him move a few other of his rides out of his garage and into a space in Oakland this day. Not much of a story to tell here, only except my friends are hustling badass people that I am so grateful to know and have in my life. Rides around Alameda don’t ever suck when you are riding in style.

IMG_1186  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - California.jpg

October 8th 2019

Day 193 / 365 || Week 30

I haven’t been slacking. I promise. Why I have fallen behind on posting the last couple days has been because I am trying out a new style of editing. This process has been eating up my visual time and I have been a little lax on the writing. However, I have expanded my skill set on Photoshop so I am not going to kick myself too hard here. I have to admit though, I have not been taking photos in the moment of the day (at least with my dslr) but what I have done is taken past photos I have captured and formed them into a new version I never thought possible.

October 7th 2019

Day 192 / 365 || Week 30


I am glad I just have friends from all over the world where I can message, call, or text and say - “Hey, I’m in town. I’d love to meet up with you and I am also feeling creative today. Want to do a photoshoot?” - and they absolutely are thrilled. It’s friends like these who make my life feel more colorful.

Emily did not only come out to be in front of my lens, but also she has a way of expressing gratitude to the fullest, how time is so short and our way we both look at life and love is so deeply human. I hold people like Emily close to my heart because she is one that cherishes our time together and she makes sure she voices it. You never know when it will be our last encounter in this world.

Exactly a year ago, to the day, we had get together for coffee and some chit chat. We talked about life; about where it was going and how we were feeling about it. She had inspired me to book my ticket to Bali that night. This time around I did the same for her. Today synchronicity had joined in with us once again.

It’s so good to have people in your life like this. Emily, you are one of the great ones out there.

October 6th 2019

Day 191 / 365 || Week 29

This girl is back in the East Bay, and it feels like home.

October 5th 2019

Day 190 / 365 || Week 29

I’ve been playing around more with a certain style. I am diggin’ it. It makes me feel like I have been brought back into my creative element.


October 4th 2019

Day 189 / 365 || Week 29



So for human beings existential angst, it stems from the fact that we're creatures of meaning.

We are creatures of purpose. We are creatures of myth.

We want to feel like there is a destiny to our lives, there is reason why we're here.

We've tried to address this existential itch, this agitation.

From the creation of beautiful stories, beautiful myths.

We've created narrative threads, religions, systems of thought that have placed the body mind in the larger context.

That have made us feel like we are part of something greater than ourselves.

This is hugely important.

But what are we ultimately when you break it down, when you shatter the myths? What are we left with?

I read a great quote recently that said that actually "We are dead stars looking back at ourselves"

and when you consider that we look upon the heavens, we have the Hubble space telescope, blasting new tunnels between the mind and the others as Ross Anderson says - we look back, right?

We are the remnants of those stars that died.

The periodic table of the elements, all of that was manufactured in the furnaces of stars.

So we are dead stars looking back at ourselves.

The idea is just astonishing.

We are poetry.

We are cosmic poetry.

If that's not enough of a story to get you get up in the morning, then I don't know what is.

October 3rd 2019

Day 188 / 365 || Week 29

"You can change your mind, but you can't change your destiny."

10 years ago when I was graduating high school I had a deep feeling of wonder, but mostly I was apprehensive of what my life would look like. Would I be happy living in what I saw as a cookie cutter society? Would I fit in the social norm box? Was I going to embody being both happy and successful, while living that 9 - 5 life? I tried for 5 years to get my shit together, tried college, tried a full time job, got an apartment in the city of Seattle and kept on getting discouraged from how much I wasn't living up to my truest form of happiness. I didn't know what was out there for me.

If anyone had told me that I would spend half of that next decade traveling the world, meeting people from many cultures, accumulating life long lasting friendships, creating meaningful art, co-creating with media teams at festivals and events, living the purest moments of jam out sessions, while still trying to find a deeper sense of my own reality and existence find my inner peace; I would have probably cried at the idea that I was powerful enough to do such things in this life.

5 years of living this nomadic lifestyle... I still can't believe it. From the places I've been, to the things I've seen. I am forever grateful for this path that I have walked on. When I look back on this time, on all these decisions that have been layed before me, I can say I am proud to see all the things I have said yes to.

Every person who has been collected into my life along the way is better than any of the likes, follows, hearts, or the shares. I couldn't have done is without the foundation of a support network; my friends and their eagerness to explore and take on adventures. Those are the kind of people who will nourish your soul and empower your true being.

There is no greater thing I have to say, except... you have to watch and see.

October 2nd 2019

Day 187 / 365 || Week 29

I always feel drawn back to California. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the people, but both give me a sense of warmth when I am back. I have taken this drive many many times in the last 5 years. If I were to guess, it has to be well over 20. Even though I was in a rush to get out of Seattle, I took the time to stop off on the side roads to appreciate and acknowledge all the adventures that have been behind me, and also to mediate on the present moment, and feel hopeful for what lies ahead of me.

Before I left I had written down “Take in Flow” on a post it note and it next to my nightstand. I took that post it and put it on the dashboard of my van and I would look at it and ponder the word flow. Flow - “the action of moving along in a steady, continuous stream.” - which I take in as to take in what is being brought to me, gradually.

I then realized how I wrote flow - also looked like SLOW. With the f looking like a S, I took that in as well. Slow Flow. I will see how this all unravels and take it in consciously with ease.


October 1st 2019

Day 186 / 365 || Week 29

So inevitably this had to have happened on my 2nd to last day of work.

As I was running briskly across the street, trying to avoid on coming traffic, I heard the noise of something falling out of my pocket.

Klerplunk - there was my work phone sitting in the middle two lanes, with 40 card advancing towards it. There wasn’t enough time for me to jump back out into the road to grab it. I saw this hurdle of cars like cattle and I stood, watched, pray, hoped and wished that not one tire would run over it. I understood as it was about to happen that it would be a miracle to see it still in it’s true form.

1 car… 2 car… 3… car….and SMASH. The 4th vehicle nicked it and from there it was over. The phone was bouncing around the road as if it just had it’s last cup of coffee. I realized I had been holding my breath the whole time when I finally let it out and had my lungs expand again. I think that was the biggest sigh I have ever sighed.

I took this as a sign that it was time to go. There was no need for me to be here anymore.

I got right back into Stan after that and headed straight South out of Seattle.


September 30th 2019

Day 185 / 365 || Week 28

It’s very comical that every time I am set off to drive out of town, Stan has an issue that needs fixed. It’s like he knows when to tell me he is ill. Stan at this point has a regular doctor that get’s him all patched up, and I have this guy here to thank. Seriously though, Phillip takes the cake on being featured the most times on here (1) + (2) , doing the same thing ——> Saving Stan! I am so very grateful. With this guys help, I will have Stan in my life for a longggg time.