{ Tuscon, Arizona }

My Amtrak train arrived in Tucson right as the sun was going down. It was a breathtaking scenery. The sunset had gone behind a structure of many mountains that were red and purple. Once the train had come to a stop, I just had to get off.  I had no longer than 30 minutes before the train was to take off and I was to be back in my seat.

I saw a cute cafe on the other side of the fence. I walked in, saw that it was a reasonably priced meal from what the train had to offer. 

I order a blueberry muffin, and a sandwich then walked outside the front door to wander before the sunset went completely away. I made my way out the front and across the street from the place I just ordered from, called Maynards Market. I sat there in amusement from thinking that this was my first time and only place I will have been in Arizona.

I took some photos, chatted with a few people who were working there, and went on my way back on the train with 2 minutes to spare.