{{{ Cannon Beach / Hug Point }}}

When I got to the area of Cannon Beach, I had a couch surfer who I got in contact with, and ready for my arrival. She had a key waiting for me, along with fresh towels, a warm shower, a very friendly cat, and a huge macaw named Skye. When I walked into her home, I immediately was greeted with a “Hello” from the bird, and cozy cat cuddles from Mallow the cat. We took a stroll through Cannon beach, saw the little town for what it was. Shops, beach stuff, restaurants, candy shops and ice cream parlors. Cannon Beach is mostly a tourist spot for people who want to enjoy the beach and a small stroll through town. South out of Cannon Beach, there is a spot to stop off and enjoy a bit of the ocean on another part of land, which is called Hug Point. It has beautiful cave like structures on the rock walls facing the ocean. It got its name Hug point because the tide is very low, to the point you may have to hug the rocks to get to the other side of the beach. Its a nice excuse to get a hug from the sake of a hug.

Cannon Beach Oregon Hug Point

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