Project 365


May 2015

May 1st 2015


{ 149/365 }

SeattleWashington - The Pike Place Market - The Local Color


On Friday I will be trying to incorporate some fond faces I have captured with my camera, with these being some people I would call friend. This week is Bridget!

When I come back to Seattle, I spend most of my time at the Local Color, which is a coffee shop most walk past in the Pike Place Market. I have seen many baristas behind this counter, but it’s Bridgette who makes me feel good to be back. She always graciously greets me with her cute personality and her kind smile, and of course with a big hug.

When I think about coming back to the market, I always think about Bridget and if she will be there when I get back.

If you ever want some coffee, and are in for a stroll, go to the Pike Place Market and grab a cup of coffee from the Local Color. This girl will be your new favorite barista. 


May 2nd 2015


{ 150/365 }

SeattleWashington - I5 Bridge - City ahead 

~Right Timing~

I have planned on doing this shot when I got back to Seattle. I had imagined what it would look like. What long exposure lights I would get, what kind of trails they would trace. Now here it is.



May 3rd 2015


{ 151/365 }

~To the Friends Come and Go~

There is a time in your life, where you have friends who come and go. Sometimes these friends are people who you really connect with, laugh with and understand, and other times it becomes a bittersweet relationship once understanding once another gets hard to do. Me and this guy, we were pals that came, and then went. Now it has been 8 months, and I come back to Seattle, and it was time that we put our differences aside.   

To letting your ego down and accepting long overdue apologies. 


May 4th 2015


{ 152/365 }

SeattleWashington - Cupcake Royale

~Cupcake Royale~


Before work a lady friend and I had to over compensate by not just getting one cupcake but two, each. We have endurance and morals though, we waited till our shift was done to eat them up. 


May 5th 2015


{ 153/365 }

SeattleWashington - Shilshole Bay Marina

~Shilshole Bay Marina~


I am not a fan of being on boats, or being in water, but the view sure is nice. Don’t cha think? 



May 6th 2015


{ 154/365 }

Portland, Oregon - Powell Butte Nature Park

~Powell Butte Nature Park~

The Northwest is one of the best places for sunsets. One of my favorite things to do is watch the clouds go by, and every time I am in the area it seems as if my eyes are gifted to see such a spectacular view. Portland has a load of parks that have hills surrounding the area, and you can get a few 360 degree views. 


May 7th 2015


{ 155/365 }

SeattleWashington - Blue Moon Tavern

~Seattle Show~


TBT to last week when my friends killed it at their show at Blue Moon Tavern in Seattle. Check it out the gallery of the show on 


May 8th 2015


{ 156/365 }

~Featured Friend Friday~

This is Taylor Rae. She and I have a lot in common, minus the modeling and the blonde hair, but we do share a middle name and a love for travel. We first communicated online after we both had booked an event to work together, it was in Eugene Oregon. We decided to take the drive for the one day event, and it sure was an adventure. This girl is a strong one, with huge ambition that is held in her heart, and the love and kindness that engulfs her being, she is someone that is going to go far in her lifetime to get what she wants, with a genuine smile on her face. 


May 9th 2015


{ 157/365 }

~Market Magic~

I saw these gals running around the market and with them they carried bunch of bundled flowers with their pirate gear on. They reminded me that I frequent a magical place when I am back home, and I absolutely love it. 


May 10th 2015


{ 158/365 }

~Delta Does It Right~

This Mother’s Day was spent taking photos and videos for Delta. I captured the moments of passengers gathering their bouquets of flowers, to either keep for themselves on this day of celebration, or to give it to their Delta flight loved one. 



May 11th 2015


{ 159/365 }

Lynnwood, Washington

~Chili Cook Off~


There ain't no better cook off then a Mother’s day chili cook off. 




May 12th 2015


{ 160/365 }


~We all have bad days~

“Faith is the function of human life that dispels the dark clouds of doubt, anxiety and regret, opens one’s heart and orients it toward good.” 


May 13th 2015


{ 161/365 }

SeattleWashington - The Waterfront

~The Great Wheel Ordeal~

I told myself before I leave, I needed to take some pictures at night of the Great Wheel on the Waterfront. I think when I was recently told to stop using the word “need’ and “supposed to” I took it in and exhaled for a long time. I had been at the market all day long, with just some steps, an elevator away, I told myself I needed to not need, taking these photos.

I struggled with the contemplation of taking the photos, while waiting for sunset. Sunset came and went and I could not go down there to do my thing. This photo was taken a few days later, once I got over the stress of “needing and wanting” something. If I was going to take these pictures, it would be because it was coming from my adventurous side, not the nagging one. 


May 14th 2015


{ 162/365 }

LA, California --- LAX Union Station

~Stuck at the Station~

This is a TBT, when I had way too much stuff with me at the Train station in LA. For the first hour, it felt dreadful that and I couldn’t walk anywhere and explore. On one hand I felt trapped by my own stuff, on the other I learned that maybe being in one place for a few hours wasn’t so bad.  

JOURNAL POST – “I got into LA around 6:45 or so. The shuttle car took me inside the Union Station from the tracks. I had a butt ton of luggage with me, which now I am just referring it as “my crap”. This is the part of the traveling that I find horrible, and exhausting.

When there is nowhere to go, and there is a lot of stuff to bring. Every step I take, even if it’s to the bathrooms across the station, is eating up a lot of my energy. I have to strategize my next destination, where I can sit, how much space I will be utilizing. Gosh, sometimes traveling just sucks. The highs are high, the lows are low.

With not hearing anything from a friend of mine who I am staying with for 1 out of the 2 nights here in LA, I was kind of worried about what to do and where to go. With no wifi, or outlets in the station, and only seating for the people who have an Amtrak ticket, my options became limited right away.

I usually head to a coffee shop, but when I looked some up, there seemed to be no coffee shops in the area, and even if they were, who the heck wants me crowding up their store space with my crap?

I called my friend one last time before I was to make a judgment call on what I was to do next. He didn’t answer, but in 2 minutes he called me back before my freak out session was to kick in. I had even looked up the closest hostel, because my crap is holding me behind.

Now I am sitting outside, still in the station, a laptop in my lap, a coffee in my hand, and the hopes of feelings weightless from my crap soon. I am ready to retire my guitar, and get a Ukulele next time.” 


May 15th 2015


{ 163/365 }


If you have been the Pike Place Market, you might have the pleasure of seeing this guy perform, doing his statute busking duties throughout the day for the tourists. This is how I first met my friend Patrick. You would think that putting on a costume and performing would make someone super outgoing and “out there”, but Patrick is more laid back then most of the people I know. I guess when Patrick takes the costume off, he slightly holds the resemblance of his statued character in a way, because he is still, and likes to listen and observe. Being myself, I know that I am loud at times and pretty hyper at others. I always second guess myself while being around people who seem to be the opposite, thinking that I hope I am not too much for them. In the beginning of our friendship, there was no doubt that I questioned this while around Patrick, but over time it was apparent that our personalities didn’t clash on each other. Over time I have gained a large amount of respect for Patrick, for the person he is and the artistic ambition he has. 


May 16th 2015


{ 164/365 }

EugeneOregon - Owen Rose Garden

~ Worry Is A Misuse of Imagination~

As I was walking through a park in Eugene, Oregon, I came across this graffiti quote, it sat on a fence with a passing trail of a beautiful park called Owen Rose Garden. I have been thinking about this quote all day. I think it would be great if we could galvanize this idea across the globe, to anyone and everyone. 


May 17th 2015


{ 165/365 }

EugeneOregon - The Column

~Sunsets and Mediation~

Always take the time to watch a sunset. Especially in Eugene Oregon, and more specifically, at the Column. A piece of chalk, and someone whom I never met, inspired me to observe my life more closely as the sun was going down. I am so grateful to live another day, and to mediate on this feeling of gratification during this beautiful sun down. I never know if it will be my last. 


May 18th 2015


{ 166/365 }

EugeneOregon - The Column

~Happy Birthday Mom~

I thank you for giving me life, so I could watch this sunset, so I could breathe the air I take in, so I can see the sights that are to be sought, so I could live each day that has already been gifted, and you were the first one to make that initial decision to bring me into your world. This sunset is dedicated to you on your birthday. I wish you another 365+ sunsets to come your way. 


May 19th 2015


{ 167/365 }

EugeneOregon - Unknown Coffee Shop


Workflow: That is the word of the day. I have decided to dedicate my time to making Vblogs now. The issues that I have been trying to work with are finding a work flow, and a place that allows me to do work for a long period of time, without spending a bunch of money.

In Eugene I called a place that I looked up online that was open late, like 3 am late, which is a treat for me. I asked the person on the phone if it was a place that I could sit down, open up my laptop and work. They said yes, that they have outlets and places to sit for someone like me looking to do some work. Once I got there, it was not the place someone would come to do work, it was a pizza place and they had no outlets. I had already ordered food at that point, so it was a bit of a bummer that they had gave me false hopes of finishing up some editing.

I went next door to another place, which was a coffee shop, open for another 2 hours. I felt bad when I didn’t order anything, but I didn’t really even have the money to spend at the previous place.

If you can guess where this is in Eugene, you get points in my book, because I don’t even remember myself. 


May 20th 2015


{ 168/365 }


Probably the only grocery store in Weed, California. Also, a spot where you probably don’t want to buy overpriced ramen – “They're expensive.  .25 for a bag of ramen????  I don't recall ever paying more than 10 cents a bag. . . eek.” Quoted by a reviewer on yelp 


May 21st 2015


{ 169/365 }

West Hollywood, California

~West Hollywood Easter Brunch~

To the time I was invited to an awesome ass Easter brunch party in West Hollywood. I had to hop back onto the train just as the food was finishing, abut I managed to stuff my face before arriving at my destination. 


May 22nd 2015


{ 170/365 }

Alameda, California


These are a couple of friends I have, whom I love DEARLY. I met Shad a short time ago, in San Francisco for work. It was 2014 Dreamforce, and he was directing a team, which I was on, but then I had been taken off to go to another location. Shad and I had talked very briefly during that time.

I went back to the bay area over a year later for work, and as I was sitting on the stairs with another hundred people I was working with, Shad came right up to me, sat down and started talking to me as if we were old friends, and I was VERY confused.

“Shad….. who?” I thought, as he rumbled on to my other friend Chuck and I. Then it hit me, “OHHHH. Yes. Shadarach. Now I remember.” Shad, Chuck. Chuck, Shad. I introduced the two.

After we all had worked together, Shad took Chuck and I over to Shad’s other work place, pier 26, a pedi cab shop on the wharf.

Chuck took the city bike, while Shad told me to sit on the seat of his bike, while he peddled. Our destination was the other side of the city and we were weaving in and out of traffic like it was frogger.

 A few months later, Chuck and I returned to the city, and we were introduced to Meredith, who is equally as awesome. I was frantic and anxiety ridden to find out that Shad invited us to a party, but this party involved bikes, booze, and bravery. 15 miles was the minimum that I would have to bike, and I was nervous. I even cried on the way over there. Shad saw how much of a toll the last half mile was taking me, and slowed down to bike with me and give me kind and encouraging words. At the end of the bike party, they really pumped me up by telling me they had corgis awaiting for me at their home, and I LOVE corgis. 

A few months after that, I was in town once again, and coincidentally Meredith bumped into me at a park party event, and from behind me I heard her say “I know that girl!” and then again, I was invited over to stay.

A few months a ago, Mer reached out to me asking if I could come and watch the dogs and their home while they go on vacation for a few weeks. ABSOULTLEY I told her. I love them and their dogs. She seemed pleased I was so happy about coming down and doing so.

As of right now, I am sitting at their kitchen table typing and reminiscing about all our time together, and realizing how much love I have for these two. With their dogs laying at my feet, and a kitchen to cook in, I am blessed. These two are some of the best friends you can have in your life. They bring light, life, color and excitement in my heart. 


May 23rd 2015


{ 171/365 }

~Mountain Man~

I got my rideshare, Tony, to his destination of Mount Shasta. After traveling together for a few days, and spending time sharing stories, I found the importance in helping a fellow traveler get around, because you never know when you’re going to need the same help. Tony was just a friend I was waiting to meet. Once we arrived to Mount Shasta, we began to walk around in a place called City Park, we stumbled upon a camp, one that was trashed and left behind, he grabbed the dirt from the grounds of the mountain and rubbed it in his hands like soap once we was finished cleaning it up. Tony was home for the first time in a while, and I was glad I was able to get him there. 


May 24th 2015


{ 172/365 }

Rest stop near SacramentoCalifornia

~Directional Dreaming~

The road less traveled is usually the ones without an arrow painted on top of it. That’s why this shot was taken at a rest stop, but nonetheless, it’s still a good one.

“Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” - M. Scott Peck 


May 25th 2015


{ 173/365 }

~Concert in the Park~

Sacramento California is a place I seem to always wander into, but most of the time with no plans to stay, and no plans to go. I usually just hang out at a coffee house called the Coffee Garden, and that is where I was when I met up with a friend whom I met at a festival in Sac a few months back. We decided to go check out the concert in the park, which was located in downtown. This was a place where the locals were serious about this event, as if they never go to any concert but this one. When my camera and I got into any viewing space of the drunk grouped middle aged women in front, they were sure to let me know in a split second. Tough world out there when the people of Sac don’t get out much I suppose. 


May 26th 2015


{ 174/365 }


~Sacramento Spaceship~



This random spaceship sits in a playground in Sac. It was a good time to mess with some long exposure photo timelapses

“The earth is like a spaceship that didn't come with an operating manual” – R Buckminster Fuller 




May 27th 2015


{ 175/365 }

Alameda, California

~A Couple of Corgis~

Ellie and Rufus are my pals for the next few weeks. Picking up dog shit and playing at the park will be my new routine. The sunsets at the dog park are incredible and watching these two run beside each other when a ball is thrown is a highlight in my life right now. 


May 28th 2015


{ 176/365 }

Austin, Texas - Bangers

~Beautiful Throwback~


Throwback Thursday to the time I was presented a message to share to the world. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.


May 29th 2015


{ 177/365 }

Seattle, Washington - Shilshole Marina

~Featured Friend Friday~

This is Natashia, spelled with an I. This gal pal and I only met a few months ago, but you wouldn’t have guessed if you saw us together. We met when were both working the same event and were a part of the same team, and funny enough we both looked alike due to our matching lipstick.  This event was in Portland, and after the show was over, Natashia was driving back to Seattle, which was where I was headed next. We drove back together and realized that we were definitely friends at that point. We hung out a lot when I was back visiting “the nest”, which is the closest thing I can call home, but doesn’t feel exactly like so. I like to think that I gained another best friend since we met and I really look up to Natashia, because like myself, we both have been through some real rough times in our lives thus far. I see the warrior in her, as I see in myself, and I feel grateful to see someone who reflects that strong resemblance of strength and gratitude within. 


May 30th 2015


{ 178/365 }

~The City of San Francisco~



Getting into the city feels so much nicer when I’m not the one who has to drive in the traffic. 



May 31st 2015


{ 179/365 }

~ Traffic or Tolls~


Would you rather deal with traffic or tolls? It’s a tough one to choose from, but here, you get both.