Project 365


June 2015


June 1st 2015

{ 180/365 }

San Francisco, California -The Bay Bridge

~Travel Advice~


Make friends with the Pedicabers, because they know the best spots in town. 





June 2nd 2015

{ 181/365 }

San FranciscoCalifornia -Ferry Building Farmers Market

~Finding The Farmers Market~

It feels as if I am in a time warp when I stepped into the ferry building during the peak time of the farmers market going on. It makes me miss my market back in Seattle. Markets hold magic. You meet interesting folk, from everywhere, enjoying the unique aromas that filter the air smelling of fresh baked goods and honey. 



June 3rd 2015

{ 182/365 }

San FranciscoCalifornia - Reds Java House

~Reds Java House~

Went to the famous Reds Java House. Anthony Bourdain was right, no coffee in sight. Lots of burgers and booze to be had, before a game, or in my case, whenever.  

“It’s a no-frills place where you can grab a good burger, chili cheese fries, and a beer without worrying about the “locavores” (those who prefer to eat locally grown/produced food) clamoring for justice. He calls it a “wonderful, old school, high fat, high protein, beer for breakfast kind of a place” and also says, “An espresso is nowhere to be seen” and “any time you begin to doubt the wonderfulness of San Francisco, really, all you gota do is come here.” –Anthony Bourdain 



June 4th 2015

{ 183/365 }

San FranciscoCalifornia - Treasure Island

~Memory at Bay~

It’s funny to think that I was on this same exact bay, about 6 months prior from today. I was couch surfing on a sailboat, and it was one of the most thrilling moments of my existence. I was fearful and scared, and a bit sea sick while on those waters, but more importantly I learned new things about myself, and I made it through. This thought made me realize the great memory and story that came out of it. It’s a story I pull out in a “Let’s talk traveling”, conversations, and I love to tell it. I left Thelma on the street of Sausalito to do some couch surfing on a sailboat, one with no motor, and a captain named Jeff Jacobson who was a nut job who loved to praise the phrase "Jubilee!", but he still have a old man charm and personality to him. After many miles later, Thelma is still around for me when I want to come back to the bay area, but this time I am sleeping in a bed. 



June 5th 2015

{ 184/365 }

San FranciscoCalifornia -Ferry Building




~Ferry Building~


The ferry building is a beautiful iconic building on the wharf, which is on Embarcadero street. If you like beautiful iconic views, strolling through market places, and taking ferries out on the bay, this place is for you. 




June 6th 2015

{ 185/365 }

San FranciscoCalifornia -The Bay Bridge from Treasure Island

~I want to thank you world, for showing up today!~

The best views of San Francisco come from this bridge. I headed to Treasure Island to take this shot, and after getting scared off the first time, I came back a few hours later. I parked my car in what I presume was a safe spot to park in for no longer than a half hour. After spending almost 45 minutes on getting a perfect shot, I was unimpressed with all of them. I needed to get somewhere, and I was already late so I was bidding goodbye to a fellow photographer that I had been chatting with, as I started to walk to my car I glanced over to the last chance to view the bridge, but it was off the path of the main viewing path. I saw this angle and gave myself permission to set my tripod back up, but only to take one last long exposure shot. As I waited for my timer to stop the exposure, my camera screen flickered this last shot on the screen for the evening, and I knew this was the shot that was meant to be. 



June 7th 2015

{ 186/365 }

Oakland, California - Greyhound Station

~The BS Greyhound~

The one time I took a Greyhound was when the Bolt Bus was full of capacity. It smelled like stale air, and maybe that was the reason why we stopped a number of times, making this usual 2 ½ hour ride, took 5. I’d rather take an Amtrak. 



June 8th 2015

{ 187/365 }

OaklandCalifornia - Downtown

~Murals & Morals~

As a human species, we paint our emotional bounds with words and body language, but as an individual artists, I see the morals intertwined within our creations. The morals of life seep into artwork, and that is why I always want to be creating something. I need my morals to seep into an art. 



June 9th 2015

{ 188/365 }

OaklandCalifornia - Downtown

~Sunset Structures~

I thought I’d try something new shot with this timelaspe. I got the sunsets beautiful light fading off of the bricks from this building in downtown Oakland on first Friday. If you passed this this building during golden hour, you know what I’m talking about. 



June 10th 2015

{ 189/365 }

San FranciscoCalifornia - Marina Green Park


~Golden Gate Contemplate~


This week has been a hard one for me. I took myself out for fresh air and counted all my blessings. Even though I know that my life is full of adventures and I live mostly everyday doing what I love, I do get stressed out just like anyone else. I needed a reminder that I live in a beautiful world with beautiful people, but sometimes people can hold ugly attitudes and do ugly things, that we can’t control. I go to let go of the things I cannot control and focus on doing my part. 




June 11th 2015

{ 190/365 }

OaklandCalifornia - American Steel

~American Steel~

I was wandering around Oakland when I remembered when a few people had told me to go check out a place called American Steel. It was a place where artists create these ginormous metal art sculptures, which a good amount of everything I saw, has been brought to Burning man. I walked into this warehouse, but there was not much information around, so I started to explore. There were gates that were numbered, and once entered, it went back into corridors. I was greeted by a few people who asked if I was a photographer, hence the camera and tripod. They took me into a locked gate, and up these stairs where there was an awesome art car hidden on top, and I was looking at the warehouse from a different perspective. I got to climb on top of the art car, and take some video. I was then introduced to the team that is a part of making the trees that are going to be in the temple at Burning man. These guys seriously are putting a lot of work into these pieces. If I so happen to attend the burn this year, I will make it my goal to find my way to the temple so I can bathe in appreciation for the hard work and dedication it takes for all of it to happen. Before leaving, I was put on a list for their Burning man camp party that was happening in Oakland in a few days. The Distrikt camp party was happening at the 16th St Station, and I was going to be there. 



June 12th 2015

{ 191/365 }

OaklandCalifornia - First Friday

~First Friday~

I highly recommend anyone that is anyone, to attend a First Friday Art Walk. I was enjoying that it was happening in Oakland, and that I was seeing a different kind of culture from the area. It felt stimulating to be around so many people who love to create, and this space held a potpourri of individualism. Many artists were present, from painters, singers, seamstresses, dancers, to the photographers and to the crowd that was there to observe and take it all in. 



June 13th 2015

{ 192/365 }

OaklandCalifornia - Distrikt Camp - Revel Party - 16th St Station


Running around with a camera can be stress reliving, and because this last week has been a depressing one for me, and one I’d like to forget, and well Revel was the thing that started to turn that around. It didn’t hurt to have people come up to me, my camera, and my good sign when they were providing a smile and conversation. I met some awesome people, and took in all the creativity that surrounded me. Thanks to Distrikt for throwing a good event all around. It was what I needed.



June 14th 2015

{ 193/365 }

OaklandCalifornia - Downtown

~Wishing For Happiness~

When I was a kid I remember thinking about what I would really want as an adult. Not knowing who I would become, or the life I would make for myself, I think all I really wanted was to be happy when I grew up. My childhood wasn’t the best, and I thought to myself…. One day…please let happiness consume my life.

I would pick these flowers from the ground, hold them tightly in my hand, close my eyes shut and tried really hard to think of the best wish possible. From my thoughts leaving my head to the air escaping me, I would blow out my wishes to the world. Now as a 24 year old, I still don’t feel all “grown up”, but I am doing what I really enjoy, and most days I am happy. Looks like my wishes were granted. 



June 15th 2015

{ 194/365 }

Berkeley, California - Grizzly Peaks

~Grizzly Peaks~

Grizzly Peaks, a mountain above Berkeley that overlooks the Bay Area. A place that reminded me of the movies when high school kids skip school, get in their cars, bring booze and a buddy to this majestic mountain top, and live the day in sin. 



June 16th 2015

{ 195/365 }

OaklandCalifornia - Downtown

~Goodbye Oakland~

Growing up in northern California has had a big influence on my love and respect for the outdoors. When I lived in Oakland, we would think nothing of driving to Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz one day and then driving to the foothills of the Sierras the next day. – Tom Hanks 



June 17th 2015

{ 196/365 }

Berkeley, California - Grizzly Peaks

~Back on the road~


 I need to get to Seattle so I can drop off Thelma before catching my flight to Orlando. 48 hours of straight traveling ahead of me. 



June 18th 2015

{ 197/365 }

Traveling up the West Coast

~Yet Another Road Trip~


Thelma and I driving up the coast yet another time in our lives. This was taken the day the morning before the breakdown. 




June 19th 2015

{ 198/365 }

Seattle ---> Orlando

~Flying Myself Insane~

This was when I was flying to the other side of the country after driving up the West Coast, getting only a few hours of sleep, spending only an hour with my parents, and visiting the people I love most at the market before catching my 11 hour flight. I was very sleep deprived, and even if my body was accustom to sleeping on a plane, my 2 red eye flights made it impossible to do so. Sometimes in the chaos of all this, I wonder why do I do this to myself? Then I wake myself up in the reality I am living and think I wouldn’t want it any other way. A car, a plane, a train, a bus, I’d take them all to get away from that typical 9-5 I thought I would have to live. 



June 20th 2015

{ 199/365 }

Arriving In Orlando Florida

~Sleep Hangover~

Arrived in Orlando. Exhausted. Two steps out of the airport, I was ready to collapse, and it might have been a mix of my sleep deprivation and  first experience of a humid heat of 80 degrees at 5:30 am. Good thing I booked a last minute AirBNB, where a shuttle picked me up and I was whisked away.



June 21st 2015

{ 200/365 } 

Orlando, Florida - Westgate Restorts

~Shades for Days~


You can’t beat the heat in Orlando. Shades and AC were the best things to have around while in this town. 




June 22nd 2015

{ 201/365 } 

Orlando, Florida - Westgate Resorts

~Savoring The Sunsets~

The sunsets in Orlando have been some of the best I have ever seen. The clouds that rest in the sky stretch so far out, it looks as if it is never ending. I spent many of my evenings on this porch, watching the colors and clouds do a farewell dance with the sun before it was to say goodnight to all of us on this side of the world. 



June 23rd 2015

{ 202/365 } 

Orlando, Florida - Westgate Resorts

~Pete The Guard Frog~

Soon after the sunsets went down in Orlando, the storms came through shortly after. Lighting and thunder followed the rain, and it was till humid. Once the rain became heavy, a little frog would come out to relax with us on the porch, and just sit and stare out towards the lake. He had an appearance 3 nights in a row, and he felt like part of the family. We named him Pete the guard frog and enjoyed his quiet company. 



June 24th 2015

{ 202/365 } 

Orlando, Florida - Westgate Resorts

~Never Gets Old~

I didn’t take many photos while in Orlando. I was working by day, and resting by night. So with that, here is another sunset photo that I took while watching the sky perform a show before bedtime. 



June 25th 2015

{ 203/365 } 

San FranciscoCalifornia - Marina Green Park


Just east of the Golden Gate Bridge is a park called Marina Green Park. This was a spot I would remember, because it was the pinnacle moment of the bad week I was having. I don’t even want to go into what was making my week so bad, but after dropping my phone for around the 80th time, it finally had enough, and then that was when I had enough. My phone’s new unconventional look was not the only thing that was making this week one of the worsts, but it was in that moment in which I woke up to all the bad energy I had surrounded myself in. I was lost in my emotions of frustration, anger, and even resentment towards someone. I contemplated on what I should do, or how I can change this state of mind of woe I was in. Before I was to leave, I was ready to snap one last photo in the place where my mind went to shambles, but told myself I wouldn’t move until I could get over it. Before pressing the button on my camera to take this last shot, I was conscious and clear about where my mindset needed to be. I heard the shutters in my camera click and as it did, I was hitting the reset button for myself as well. It was time for me to re-evaluate my strengths and emotions. 



June 26th 2015

{ 204/365 } 

Orlando, Florida - Westgate Resorts

~Guard Duty~


Pete the guard frog doing his thing. 




June 27th 2015

{ 205/365 } 

Orlando, Florida - Westgate Resorts


~One more~


Photo of Pete