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Feburary 2015


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February 1st 2015

Austin, Texas -- Hope Outdoor Gallery / Castle Hill / Graffiti Park

~ Mascot at Castle Hill ~

Have I ever mentioned that my best friends are dogs? Especially ones that just like to be in the moment, like Norm here. This is a pup that owns it while chilling at Castle Hill. I call him mascot because he goes up to everyone at the Hope Outdoor Gallery, with every ounce of pride in his doggy being. 





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February 2nd 2015

Austin, Texas -- Hope Outdoor Gallery / Castle Hill / Graffiti Park

~ Gracing the Golden Hour ~

My favorite part of the day is what photographers would call “golden hour”. It’s a time I take for myself, where it seems so simple to collect my thoughts from the day. I like to put them into a mental jar of gratitude. Another day of light in my life is a gift I appreciate on most.

This day it was looking towards the city in appreciation for the moments I have allowed myself to enjoy, the plans that I have made to be adventurous and the people I have met. I am surrounded by art, love, and exploration.

Now I head back to the PNW, and it’s probably going to be less like a golden hour, and more like a raining hour.

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” - Francis Bacon 



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February 3rd 2015

Austin, Texas -- Hope Outdoor Gallery / Castle Hill / Graffiti Park

~ Austin Round 1

I have decided to stay in Austin until the end of SXSW, which wraps up at the end of March. This doesn't count me traveling back to Portland and Seattle in the next few weeks. 

Austin round 2 will begin after I get some work done back home, along with visiting some family. These next few weeks are gonna be hectic for me. 

ATX you have been great. Thanks for the memories thus far. See ya in two weeks!



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February 4th 2015

Portland, OR - The Auto Show

~ The Journey ~

I am working at the Portland Auto Show this week, and I am what you call a product specialist in this event showing off this Dodge Journey, and speaking of journeys, I have had a long one that hasn’t seemed to stop yet. 

I got to Portland last night, and I was already spent. Recap from yesterday’s traveling day – 

“I sit in this aisle seat, feeling a little bit more connected with the seat I sit in. That is because I sat in gum. This is the same piece of gum I had stopped chewing, and wondered where it had gone before I even got on the flight. This next flight had to have been the worst” 
“Take off was a nightmare, the plane had been shaking side to side as we took off out of Denver and over the rock mountains. This flight has had turbulence for a good 70% of the way. I am in the back, and because of that I was pretty much hyper ventilating. It was terrifying, and I was trying to keep any high pitched noises inside my head. When I saw everyone’s heads bobbling up and down and multiple hands grabbing the headrest in front of them, including my own, I gasped for air. I wanted it to be over so badly.” 

I feel like my mentality has been hit by a train and I still need to recover from this journey. 



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February 5th 2015

PortlandOR - The MAX

~ Miserable MAX ~

While working in Portland, I have been waking up at a god awful hour, getting out the door before the sun comes out and walking in the rain. The rain has yet to stop.

I walk a few blocks to the bus stop, get on and off the bus, and walk some more to transfer to the MAX (the local train transportation). I had to be to work by 8, so I had gotten up a few hours before this. 5:45 a.m. Yuck. 

I hate getting up early, and as you can see, so does everyone else on this train. This is why I can’t live the 9-5 life. It would make me miserable. 

I can do this for a week to make some money, but I can’t do this 5 out of 7 days, for life. Just four more days to go, a few hundred people to talk to, and a few thousand to pass by on the MAX, and I will be on my way. 



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February 6th 2015

 #TBT ~ Whip From The Past ~ #TBT

This is a throwback from my festival days this past summer. This shot ended up being one of my favorite shots from the Transcendence festival in Sacramento California. This is a fire whip that I captured right in action at the right time. Ahhh I miss that summer weather. 

I might be shooting Lucidity this year in Santa Barbra, so stay tuned for what’s in store for that festival. I hear it’s wild, and I’m ready for it. Are you? 



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February 7th 2015

PortlandOR - The MAX

~ Exhaustion Count Down ~

I missed my stop on the MAX and walked a few miles to where I was supposed to get off. While I wait outside on the porch of where I'm staying (none home yet )I ponder on how much energy it will take out of me to have a good cry.

I've been exhausted and spent from the few days before I even left Austin. I haven't had much time alone, and the little moments I have had, I don't even want to be with myself. I want out of my skin. For the next 2 weeks I'm on a strict schedule, where I actually had to pencil in sleep time. 




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February 8th 2015

~ Decade of Love ~

This is Francis and he is a 10 year old yellow Labrador retriever. In high school is when I first met Francis, back when his first name was Lincoln. One of my math teachers brought in a new puppy every 6 months, because he would teach these puppies to be a guide dog for the blind. He never did graduate, and because of that, one of my favorite teachers took him in to be a part of her family. Over the years, his name was changed to Francis.

In the years past my own graduation, I have become close to the same teacher. She kind of took me in under her wing and roof when I was in need, just as he was when he was in need of love and acceptance.

It dawned on us that he was 10 years old, and that it meant it had been 10 years from when I was in high school.

Francis is now going blind himself, but he is the biggest baby of a dog I know. I love me a little Francis! 



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February 9th 2015

~ First Moments Rest ~

After working longish days, in the rain, with no mental clarity or free space, I finally made it through. The first week back in the PNW has been surpassed. 

This was the first time I was able to sit down and decompress. 

This coming week is going to be a mix of things. I have a lot of photography work going on in Seattle, and I am so ready to have fun!

“It's very important that we re-learn the art of resting and relaxing. Not only does it help prevent the onset of many illnesses that develop through chronic tension and worrying; it allows us to clear our minds, focus, and find creative solutions to problems.” -- Thich Nhat Hanh 



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February 10th 2015

~ City Scapes ~

I have arrived back to Seattle, and it actually feels like it’s been some time from the last time I was here. I got picked up on Capitol Hill, by my sister and her friend. Sitting upon the dash was Buddha greeting me, and as we drove through the city I really did felt at home again.

I was able to instantly decompress, and my mind has been lifted free from all the past worry I had kept inside.

“Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” -- Buddha 



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February 11th 2015

~ Planted Peace ~

If you were unaware, Gas works was a former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant from 1906 – 1956. After 50 years of operation, the city shut it down. In 1975 the city had opened it up as a public park. 

I remember visiting when I was a little girl, and it was a treat when I got to overlook the city across lake union as a small child, where I would shout in glee “Looook! The Pine Needle! , which was actually the Space Needle. From multiple Fourth of July’s to a few picnics ive had with friends and strangers, this place has always been a spectacle. 

Now after thousands of sunsets from the time when I was 4, to the age of 24, I am still roaming. I am glad I am able to come back to a place that has stayed planted.

“My restless, roaming spirit would not allow me to remain at home very long.” -- Buffalo Bill 



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February 12th 2015

Unforeseen Show ~

Before I left for Seattle, I had to write my schedule down in my calendar. So far everyday has been filled with some sort of event or get together. I guess with all this scheduling, I was bound to write a date wrong, which happened. I missed the Post Secret event happening in Seattle, because I wrote the date down wrong. 

BUT, because of that mistake I was able to make it to a Wild Child show. They were in Seattle for their tour, and I had known they were coming, but I didn’t realize they would be here the same time I was. In this entire scramble, I was able to take myself out on a date. Happy valentines to me! It was just me, my camera, and wild child for the evening.

“You, you know you mean the world to me
I can't think of a better thing than growing old with you
You, you know I need you by my side
And everything seems better now with you here in my life”

- Wild Child



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February 13th 2015

~ Mere Existence is Perfection ~

As I have been back to the Market in Seattle I have been filled with comfort. Me and Emery got into a conversation, and I had asked him what perfection meant.

"Mere Existence is Perfect" Emery had said aloud

This could possibly be one of the best quotes around. Just think about it and say it 3 times over to yourself.

Pondering about what perfection means to you, and thinking about what existence feels like.

What do you define as perfection? What does your existence feel like to you? What do you want it to mean? 



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February 14th 2015

~ All We Need Is LOVE ~

I am not much a Valentine’s Day person. It’s so silly to me that this holiday is boxed into a norm where going out to dinner, watching a movie, just spending time together is the action, but why does it have to be limited to the significant other we have in our lives?

I see this day to just feel love from friends, family, strangers, people, places, the world, and this existence. I take this day to appreciate the human ability to connect with each other, no matter the differences that make us who we are, we can still love, and we can love anyone and everyone any way we choose.

I can’t help it, but what I am in love with is love, with loving everyone and everything. Forget the box of chocolates and the 3 hour dinner wait, all I want is a hug.

H.U.G.S – Help Us Grow Spiritually. 



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February 15th 2015

~ Flying The Nest ~

I feel like I got just enough time of work and play in the mix from this trip. I am going to miss this corner for another few weeks, and the people who frequent it and those who call it home, just as I do.

As a friend once told me “You have to fly the nest to come back with more experiences to share with the ones you love”

I am looking forward to the lessons I will learn, the love I find, the peace that unexpectedly settles into my mind. Just one more day of doing errands and playing around Seattle and the market again, before heading off to Austin. 



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February 16th 2015

SeattleWashington --- Convention Center





~ Salutations Seattle ~

So long Seattle. Goodbye event work, photo shoots and market family. I got my fill of you, and I am so happy to say this is where I am from. 




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February 17th 2015


~ A gifted HarMONICA ~

Before leaving Seattle, I need to give an open apology to not personally thanking someone who I fully intended to thank while at home.

When I came to my parents house to visit, my mother gave me a box and a card and told me to open the card and read it, and that it wasn’t from her, but from the neighbor I met once. 

“YOU ARE TRULY INSPIRING! – Brie’Ana. I for one am happy for you that you have choose to live your life with passion and good cause. The adventures that you are on must be awesome, to say the least. Your one of the more fortunate people I know that hosts a kind, compassionate heart. You have touched many lives with your beautifully captivating ways! You mom must really be proud. Keep it up and keep us posted! Ive heard you sing – you have a gift. I hope this HarMONICA brings something good your way. Thanks again!” 
- Monica 

Oh Monica. I think the best gift that I got for Christmas this year, was your words and kindness. I hope my good cause, helps you feel like you are doing one yourself, because the appreciation you shared with your words, are a good cause to my life. Thank you! 



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February 18th 2015

SeattleWashington --- Ravenna Park

~ Habihats by TechnoPrincess ~

I had a ton of fun doing a photoshoot with a new friend named Lauren, who goes by her famous name TechnoPrincess. She has these really BADASS hats she creates and hand paints. I couldn't pick a favorite photo between the two from this shoot, so they are both tied as my favorites.

I met miss TrechnoPrincess on board a boat party while I was in Seattle in this past summer. She was the funnest thing on board, and she was the one waitressing all the drunk young folk. I had fun capturing her presence on my camera.

She booked an hour with me so I could venture with her and her friends / models for some photos of them with her hats. I feel bad for anyone who couldn't make it because it was such a good time!

We traced through the woods of Ravenna Park, while jamming out with a radio, switching up hats and costumes, and of course, catching some sun on this beautiful day.

Lauren has many good qualities that I love about her. She is very creative, spunky, loving and genrous! This girl is someone I hope I can spend more time with when I come back to town. Her hats are so unique and not to mention are one of a kind. If you have an idea about a certain hat you want, she will find a way to make it happen. Passion and devotion run through Miss TechnoPrincess veins. 

Also, she is one to never take a bad picture, it’s impossible for her to look bad, even when she’s goofin.

Check out her custom made hats -- Habihats by TechnoPrincess 




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February 19th 2015






~ Seattle Scapes 1/7 ~

Because my computer has been down for the last week, this will give me a chance to post a week worth of photos of the different areas of Seattle. 





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February 20th 2015





~ Seattle Scapes 2/7 ~

Because my computer has been down for the last week, this will give me a chance to post a week worth of photos of the different areas of Seattle. 





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February 21st 2015




Seattle Scapes 3/7 ~

Because my computer has been down for the last week, this will give me a chance to post a week worth of photos of the different areas of Seattle. 





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February 22nd 2015


Seattle Scapes 4/7 ~

Because my computer has been down for the last week, this will give me a chance to post a week worth of photos of the different areas of Seattle. 





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February 23rd 2015




Seattle Scapes 5/7 ~

Because my computer has been down for the last week, this will give me a chance to post a week worth of photos of the different areas of Seattle. 





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February 24th 2015


Seattle Scapes 6/7 ~

Because my computer has been down for the last week, this will give me a chance to post a week worth of photos of the different areas of Seattle. 






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February 25th 2015

SeattleWashington --- Convention Center


Seattle Scapes 7/7 ~

Because my computer has been down for the last week, this will give me a chance to post a week worth of photos of the different areas of Seattle. 






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February 26th 2015

Austin, Texas -- Hope Outdoor Gallery / Castle Hill / Graffiti Park

~ Southby Sisters ~

My sister and I are almost 2 ½ years apart (shy by a day). She and I went through stages in our lives where sometimes we lived with each other, and other times we were with the opposite parent, alone. Then there were the latter times, when I took care of her to the point as a parent would.

As the years grew on, we drifted apart in our early teenager ages, and our lives went on, separately. Our time apart went on for nearly 5 years. It all started to change around this time last year, and since then, we have both been on the road of self-improvement in our own ways.

We both have taken the time to do a bit of traveling this past year, and this time when we were both back home, we decided to travel to Austin together. Although, it seems to be that we brought the weather with us from Seattle, that didn't bring us down.

We still managed to learn much more about each other, and our relationship upon this trip.We didn't always get along, but we didn't always fight and bicker either. We can be complete opposites in some moments, but in others, we can be laughing until our stomachs hurt and tears fall out of our eyes.

What have I learned from this experience? - We can tell each other our feelings and truths, without the worry of losing on another's love.



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February 27th 2015




~ SXSW Photographer ~

This past year I have captured some magical musical moments from many different bands & buskers. For the musicians in need, I will be in Austin to provide some photography and/or video work in capturing you and your passion. 





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February 28th 2015

~ Carnaval 2015 ~

Last night, I was invited over to housewarming/Pre-Carnaval party, by a couch surfer I had connected with last year when I was in Austin. It was a good time for him to invite me out, and it was a good opportunity to take some photos. I super thank you Geno for that invite out!

After having a few Brazilian drinks, that contained fresh strawberries, limes, and lots of booze called Cachaça, I had been convinced to come to the actual party that was being hosted at the Events center, and I would be “Sponsored” and wouldn't have to worry about paying for a ticket.

The group of lovely people at Genos party kept telling me it wasn't something I should miss, and that there would be plenty of opportunities for some photos. Everything had seemed to line up for me, so how could I refuse? To Carnaval I went!

While there was a large number of nudity that happens at Carnaval, I picked out this photo as my favorite of the event. These two were classy and quite the conversation of my night and left me with a smile on my face. Thanks for being so damn cute!


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