Writer/Hope Dealer/ Hopeful Romantic/Silly Good Person

Kevin Lamb. {Also known as the Good Sign Guy to most} is someone who I met while working in Austin. The picture below is actually the first time we met, and honestly needs to be framed in my home. Getting to know Kevin a little bit about what he is about while in Austin wasn't enough, so I had to track him down to get more to his story. After we chatted on google hangout, I learned that Kevin is one of the most positive people you could ever encounter on this planet. Him popping up in a random place with such a good message, can change somebodys life for the better, including my own. 

1. What draws you to your passion?

Breathing and every waking moment draws me to my passion. It is why I was given life. I believe it is my duty, obligation, and opportunity to share something with the world that is desperately needed. It took me a long time to figure out just why I was given these talents, and how to utilize them, but now it is crystal clear. I spent most of life believing I was going to play baseball for a living, after having my shoulder arthroscopically repaired, and being told I had to do it again, I let go of the game I loved. It took me a long time, but eventually the lyrics from The Avett Brothers, my favorite band, troubled me enough to commit to my passion. The song, “Head Full Of Doubt/ Road Full Of Promise” contains the lyrics, “If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected, decide what to be and go be it.” It is tattooed on my left and right wrist and serves as my North Star. I had bettered myself my earning a MA in Communications and Leadership while working a full-time sales job, but I had not commit to anything the way I once had baseball. I was living uninspired until they freed me from the Matrix. I asked myself what I was best at, and it was writing. I commit to being a writer and the lifestyle that it entailed. It is not easy to be a writer. I was shat on for years: I am owed over $3,000 for my work as a sportswriter, the first book I co-authored, “The Haven Sanitarium” and a number of other projects. It has never been easy but I internalized a lyric from Mumford & Sons,

“Where you invest your love, you invest your life,”

which has always helped me endure. A lot of people see the highlights of my life and think that I don’t know struggle. I live extraordinarily but I have worked my ass off and often not known where my next meal, rent check, new tires, or comfortable breath was coming from. I don’t recommend my path for anyone because you probably wouldn’t survive, but it is my destiny to do so, and I have, and things are looking up. My positive lifestyle brand is recognized around the world for goodness, and it is my vehicle to share my words with the world. With the help of passionate, loving, and spectacular people we are inspiring the world to be a happier and more friendly place, one Good Sign at a time. We have used our infinity brand icon to start a positive conversation with the world and we’re doing a great job. 

2. What is your favorite piece of work that you have created? And why?

I recently published my second book, “The Dying Romantic”, and it is my favorite thus far. Since I co-authored my first book, it wasn’t the same: this is mine. It is 180 pages of poetry published with author house. I will copy and paste the book description I wrote, you can find it on Amazon.

"The Dying Romantic is a collection of poetic longings that allude to the discovery of the soul and self in the physical and emotional world. As a result of fearing vulnerability, romantics often appear to be a dying race. Replaced with the man that would rather purchase the smile on your face, and keys to your heart, than pay attention, listen, and appreciate the blessing of getting to know you. This collection will help remind you how beautiful and spectacular you have always been, while igniting the fervent passion and understanding that you can be better, while helping others do the same! Immense love is invested in this creation fueled by the understanding that what you share with this world, is what it keeps of you. While reading the words within these pages, internalize the words of another that have served as my inspiration along the way:

“Where you invest your love, you invest your life.” - Marcus Mumford" 

3. Do you find yourself, more alive, more in tune with who you really are, when creating something of your own? 

Absolutely. People often describe with me an actual light because it is my passion that fuels me, inspires others, and helps carry the weight of the world. I am very emotional person and generally write with tears in my eyes. As I answer these questions, drinking a delicious Oberon, tears descend from my eyes because I know this is why I am here on this planet. Participating in my passion ignites me with the spirit of a people that are simultaneously spectacular and desperate. It can be heavy walking around knowing the things that I do: that it will be my words, passion, energy, kindness and care that contributes to the healing of our planet. It is not cockiness but my conviction that help me believe that I will be remembered as one of the greatest writers of all time. In this lifetime, at the very least I will be useful.

Noah & the Whale said,

“What you share with this world is what it keeps of you.”

Whatever was given to me at birth is something this world needs more of. If I died tomorrow I’d be filled with regrets because my vision is vast and I genuinely believe it is my duty to help rewrite the story of man. The following is an excerpt from my poem, “For what and whom will you not die, but live for?” which articulates my point:

We are falling to pieces without the hindsight of anagnorisis, and will all be the victims if we don’t embrace the beauty and necessity that peace is, if we are unable to donate a piece of ourselves, and rewrite the ending to the story of how mankind fell, to tell of an uprising that uplifted spirits, to no longer fear us, but gravitate near us, for with us there is a will, and with a will there is a way, and in prayer there is an indicated foreshadowing of hope, and in hope there may be escaping the site of even the most accurate scope, but hope is not, if we are not, and we will not be unless we take our share of responsibility, in all misery, in this world and the next.

4. How do you think others can find what they are passionate about?

Ask yourself what you’re willing to do for free. Ask yourself what makes you happy. Ask yourself what inspires you. Listen to good music. Surround yourself with those who live in line with their passion. Be honest with yourself. Give yourself the love and attention you desire. Look inside, not out. We must learn to love ourselves before we expect anyone else to. 

5. Any advice for people out there, trying to figure out what they want out of life?

“Decide what to be and go be it.” Hustle. Don’t waste time on other people’s opinion of how your time oughta be spent. Ask yourself what makes you happy. Think of growing old and looking back upon how you spent your time on this earth: I hope it was worth it. Don’t compromise your integrity. Be a good person. Help others. Care for others. I built my business on the concept that it is better to show faith than have faith, meaning, offer someone a service of value and expect nothing in return, and will come back 10 -fold.