I met Chuck, in late summer of 2013. I wrote a piece on him a few months after we had met. He is still what I call A Superman to the Soul.

A few months past his departure from Seattle, he would be making his way off of U.S. Soil and onto India territory. He told me a few days before his departure "Brie', I don't even know what I am doing as soon as I get out of the Airport". 

Chuck got himself a 6 month visa, and has documented his trip throughout his stay. From riding Camels, to Indian Weddings, to the celebration of Holi --

Check all his adventures out on his website - http://chuckmanley.com/

Have any questions for Chuck about his life of travel? Want to know more? http://www.quora.com/Chuck-Manley

1. What draws you to your passion?

Passion is what draws me to my passion. If you can find something in life that fills your heart with passion, then you have a source of energy that can be harnessed for anything you want. It's an undying fire that can light the path of the world around us.

2. What is your favorite piece of work that you have created? And why?

Before I ever made a film, took a photo, or wrote a story I decided that I would make my actual life a piece of artwork. I would try to live each day like a brush stroke on a perpetually growing masterpiece. I would create something that I could be proud of. Something that could invoke emotion. Something that would force people to think about things different. Exactly what art is supposed to do. 

So for me, my life is my favorite piece of work. Because it's ongoing and beautifully complex and continues to challenge me as an artist; a storyteller; and as a human being.

3. Do you find yourself, more alive, more in tune with who you really are, when creating something of your own?

Existence itself is a creative force. To put it simply everything is a perpetual cycle of creation and destruction and creation. To create something is to channel that divine energy through us and manifest the un-manifested for the world. We are simply muses for the universe to act out its will. The more we create, the more in tune we become with the creative forces that dictate everything around us. And that energy force is who we really are, not the vessel that moves amongst it.

4. How do you think others can find what they are passionate about?

Start by exploring what you're interested in. Those are the sparks that will turn into your burning passion. You may not be good at them, and it may take a long time to become good at them, but if you're interested in them, you will enjoy the process towards mastery. And that process will unlock great secrets not only within the skillset, but inside yourself, and around you.

5. Any advice for people out there, trying to figure out what they want out of life?

Everyone already knows what they want to do with life. Just sit back and ask yourself if money were no object and no social obligations were there to hold you back, what would you rather be doing right now? That's what you want to do with life and it's important to take every step necessary to go down that direction. It will look like a lot of hard work and scare most people away, but if you take action the universe will conspire to make all of your dreams come true because you are it and it is you.